In my practice, I see psychodynamic psychotherapy as a process that uses the safety and support of the patient-therapist relationship to begin to relieve distress in the short-term so that more enduring solutions and changes can occur over time.  As part of the therapeutic process you can come to understand the source(s) of your distress in ways that will allow you to think more clearly, feel more deeply, and manage your thoughts and feelings more effectively. These are the foundations for increased self- knowledge that can help empower your decision making, problem solving, and overall ability to live and love more fully.

Special Interests

Substance Use Related Problems

From the beginning of my career I have developed and continue to maintain expertise and special interest in treating individuals and their loved ones experiencing difficulties related to substance use.  I have done numerous presentations over the years educating other professionals about the nature and treatment of substance use problems.
I know very well that every person questioning or struggling with their use of alcohol, other drugs, or other compulsive behaviors improves in a manner that is unique to their particular needs and circumstances. I offer you many years of experience and deep understanding of the special challenges involved in coming to terms with problematic substance use and other types of compulsive behavior.

Treatment of Law Students and Attorneys

My experience with law school students, faculty and issues related to entering the legal profession have led to special interests in providing psychotherapy to law students and attorneys struggling with the unique challenges of this often very stressful profession. Some of you work in professional environments that are highly demanding of your time, energy and spirit. So often the practice of law involves incredibly long hours, rigid deadlines, demands for perfection, negative consequences for failure, vague direction, little support and no rest for the weary!
My experience informs the way I can support you in navigating theses challenges and the way they may be interacting with other areas of your life.