Welcome to my Website!

These few brief pages are designed to introduce you to my practice and the ways in which I believe psychotherapy can be helpful.  It has been my experience that people seek psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons that may or may not be clear or easily articulated.  Some are seeking relief from situational or phase of life distress, others are dealing with problems that are long-standing or may represent patterns in behavior and/or relationships that have become frustrating or self-defeating. Often people enter psychotherapy out of a vague sense of dissatisfaction or a feeling that their lives are not what they want or expected – that something is holding them back from reaching their potential or from experiencing a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with life.  Some people just feel “stuck” in some way that they can’t resolve.

Whatever your concerns may be, an initial consultation can often help you to clarify some of the issues with which you may be struggling and to decide if psychotherapy is for you. I see people coming into treatment with a variety of concerns such as, but not limited to:



  • Depression, Anxiety and other Mood Disorders
  • Problems with Substance Use
  • Recovery from Trauma
  • Challenges related to life as a Law Student or Attorney
  • Executive Stress
  • Relationship/Interpersonal issues
  • Situational Stress and Adjustment
  • Bereavement and Loss
  • Phase of Life Challenges
  • Issues Related to Non-Cisgendered Experience